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At CrossFit Trinium, you’ll find that we value one thing above all else - YOU. When you come to us with a goal, we throw ourselves 100% into making it happen. We judge our success by your success.

And when it comes to getting you the right results, we understand that good form trumps speed. After all, you can’t get where you’re going when you’re injured from doing an exercise quickly, but badly. We’ll train you on proper form from day one, so you’ll have a strong foundation to build your fitness on.

With our incredibly welcoming community by your side, we’ll scale our programming to meet you where you are, slowly moving you up as you progress. Combined with the mobility, flexibility, and nutrition include in our programming, it's a recipe for long-lasting success. Come check us out and see why we are the best at what we do!


What are you waiting for?

If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be doing CrossFit at my age, I probably would have thought they were crazy. Now, I couldn’t imagine not doing it. Joining CrossFit Trinium is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

- Terry

Thanks to Chad and all the advice he has given me, I have finally been having success. The first week of March, I was wearing stretched-out size 16 jeans that were very tight. Now in August, I am into mostly size 8’s and I can even wear "skinny" jeans comfortably!

- Molly

Being legally blind, sports and exercise was not a thing I did very much, but I wanted to. Since I started CrossFit, I have learned to ignore that excuse. CrossFit has a great community of supportive people, too! It’s making me stronger both physically and mentally.

- Carl