3 Weeks for Friends!

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 11:32
  Hey guys! So, I was talking to a trainer friend of mine the other day. The topic of conversation was the upcoming "beach season". Specifically, how every year, we see people wanting to come into the gym to lose a few pounds and get their "beach body" ready. You know when most of them come in? About a month before they have a beach trip scheduled. When people come in and say "I want to lose X number of LBS before my beach trip next month." it does drive coaches a little crazy. I will always help them. However, I do have to point out that their time frame is a bit unrealistic. That they should have been in 3 months ago to get the results they want to see for their summer vacation. That brought us to our next thought.... What if we could reach out NOW to people (about 3 months out) about getting in to the gym? We mulled that over for a little bit, then got on the conversation about how the open was going. Both of us agreed we LOVE seeing people go hard this time of year. How much it brings the community together. How much cheering, positive support, and just a bit of shit talking goes on. Its always so fun to hang out with everyone on the days lots of people come in to throw down. The atmosphere is electric.  After, everyone sticks around, talks about how much it sucks, then laughs a little about what just happened. Its what CrossFit should be all the time. A fun community supporting each other. We both agreed that is the best time to be a coach. The best time to hang out with friends in the gym. (follow along, I'm almost at the point) THEN we got to thinking, the relationships and friendships we build in this community are so awesome. How cool it is to workout (suffer) with friends. And how friends are built through what we do here at the gym. How it can be life changing. Its always the best to work out with friends. So ... we got to thinking... the best members of our community are those that are refereed BY the community. Its always awesome to have someone randomly walk in and join us. Its always BETTER when they are a friend of someone already here. For the most part, we know they are already going to be cool! So, here is what we want to do. BEFORE beach season, DURING the open, we want YOU to bring your friends in! 3 WEEKS. FOR $30 Starting now for the rest of March, YOUR REFERRALS ONLY can come in to the gym and experience what we do and how awesome our community is for just $30. The biggest thing we see is the hurdle of people getting in the door. This pretty much gives that friend that wants to check us out NO EXCUSE! They can check us out for the month of March (the next 3 weeks) and see for themselves. Then they can decide if they want to be part of what we do. They can even come party with us after the open is over! So, here is what we want from EVERYONE reading this that is in our community. Reach out to 1 friend who you think would like what we do, needs to lose a little weight, or needs a little motivation. Come on... I bet you can think of one person right now! Just reach out to them and let them know they can check us out in March for $30. Then invite them in for a class and put it on both of your schedules! Make a time! This is the absolute best way to help change a friends life for the better. Also, the best way to grow our community with AWESOME people we want to work out with and be around! Make us stronger! So, contact your friend right now and let them know they are coming in for a class! Have them come in to watch you do the open, or take a class with you! We look forward to meeting your friends this month and showing them what our community is about!