"No BS Kitchen" Food Delivery coming to Trinium!

Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 15:13
  We are super happy to announce that we are bringing in "No BS Kitchen" to provide meal delivery to CrossFit Trinium! What is "No BS Kitchen"? They are a food prep company based out of Ephrata that prepares fresh, home cooked meals weekly. Every week we will have 2-3 different meal options. Each meal option comes with the side of sweet potato or rice. Meals keep rotating so you will never get bored! Each meal is fresh and macro friendly! Why are we bringing No BS Kitchen to CrossFit Trinium? Because we understand that sometimes life takes hold of you. Sometimes we don't have the time to run to the grocery store and prepare a healthy, well balanced dinner. Sometimes meetings go to long, traffic is backed up, you just want to shut off your brain when you get home and ultimately make poor food decisions that can really hamper your fitness goals. Happens to everyone. Even coaches! We are bringing in No BS Kitchen to help us stay on top of nutrition in a very convenient way! For more information you can check out their website, nobskitchen.com. Or on Instagram - Nobskitchenllc. They will begin delivering the meals tomorrow (Monday) to the gyms and should be available for pick up by tomorrow night. Each meal will be available for purchase for $8. We even have a microwave at the gym you can use if you want to eat on the spot. PLEASE BRING CASH!!!!! The meals will not be able to be purchased with credit card or check! We are looking forward to being able to provide you with super healthy, macro friendly meals to help you along your fitness journey!